Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dating Tips For Men - Use These Dating Tips To Get More Success With Women

by Jay Sullivan

Here's a couple of great dating tips for men that I've picked up over the years. Use them next time your out on the dating game to help you get even more dates with women.
Dating tips for men #1: Laughter is a great aphrodisiac. Be as funny as you can around women, because the girls love a man with a sense of humour. If you don't think you're a funny guy, go and rent some comedy stand up DVD's from your local videos store, or buy some books on humour.

Remember that dating is fun. Never take rejection to heart. By learning from every encounter with a woman you will be more successful in the long run. We can't win them all can we?

Dating tips for men #2: Don't ever think a woman is way out of your league. Just because the woman looks really hot does not mean that you don't stand a chance with her. Good looking women get approached by men all the time, and as long as you use a different technique than all those other guys that have approached her, she'll find you very interesting and will be attracted to you.

Also, when out on the dating game, never come across as a needy guy, because that just makes you look insecure about yourself. Approach women with confidence and let them know that you're a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go out and get it.

Dating tips for men #3: Try and have a rest from the dating game every now and again to recharge your batteries. Use this free time to improve on certain things you think may need improving, maybe get a few new fashionable clothes and studying some seduction techniques.

After all, the more you know about women the more successful you will become at attracting them right?

These dating tips for men are a great basis for you to use if your new to the dating scene, there is a whole lot more to learn about how to attract, approach and seduce women.

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